Please use processing programming, to draw a respectful image of Mr. Petrella. Use basic shapes connected in a meaningful way to create this image.  This is worth 75 to 95 points depending on the effort and quality of your work. Those who  go beyond a respectful image will be referred to the proper administrator for disciplinary action.

Maximum of 100 points for the processing assignment.

5 to 10 shapes used in the processing assignment can  earn  75 to 79 points

11 to 15 shapes used in the processing assignment can earn 80 to 85 points

16 -20 shapes used in the processing assignment will earn 86 to 95 points

Shapes used will not alone earn the grade, the logical use of the shapes and the skill and commitment to detail will also play a part in this assignment.

Those students that use 16-20 shapes are also eligible for up to 5 additional points. Add animation, another drawing i.e. something extra to show you have more mastery of this program than just drawing with shapes. Students using simple code in a non-meaningful way to just build points will not be allowed as the meaningful nature will be determined by Mr. Petrella. Thus bonus points are for students working hard to follow the spirit of the assignment, while meeting the milestones of shape counts.