• Use the Week 1 Assignment Template document from the Learning Resources to record the persuasive communications you encounter in a 24-hour period. Record four entries noting when someone tried to influence you. Follow the guidelines on the Instructions sheet to include all key information about each communication. Write the narrative to address the prompts directly under the Chart.
  • Review the reading in the text and the code(s) of ethics that correlate most closely to your current work or the profession you want to enter. Select one organization’s code of ethics to use in evaluating the behavior of the person influencing you in each communication you record. For communications that are more personal than professional, identify specific guidelines within the code of ethics you chose that could logically be used to evaluate personal interactions.
  • Reflect on the entries in your completed Chart. For each entry, consider what you were thinking at the time and how you felt.  Were the strategies used by the influencer ethical?

By Day 7

Of Week 1 submit a 3- to 5-page paper, submitted as one document, that includes your completed chart and an analysis that addresses the following:

  • Analyze the entries on your Chart of how someone influenced you by explaining the normative theory that best describes  how the person tried to influence you. Give your reasoning for choosing this theory.
  • Apply the professional code of ethics you have selected to each episode where the person tried to influence you in your chart. Evaluate each communication (minimum of four required) by the persuader as ethical or  unethical and explain your reasoning.
  • Summarize insights you have gained about persuasive communication that you would apply to your current job or the future work you want to do.