Your Communication Investigation

For your mission after reading your assignment, you are to take yourself and a notebook into your environment and observe human interaction for 15 minutes noting two persons and their interpersonal exchange(s) but don’t join the conversation. This can be a place of your choosing but describe it in some (not complete) detail. Note significant features of the communication environment.  Using terms from our textbook write down your observations.

Identify the elements from our Transactional model 

Briefly describe the transactional nature of the communication of the persons you are observing. Do you see attempts at ‘communicare’ of “making something common”? What is it that you saw that led you to this conclusion? Sender? Receiver? Message? 

Report back to us 

Describe the communication behavior you observed in a brief but specific report. What got your attention? Why? What elements of the transactional communication model did you see as you were observing their behavior? What about your ‘decoding’ of the scene? Do you think you had any personal ‘noise’ or bias that may have affected how you saw or interpreted the scene?
Post your report to the Discussion Board and then read all of the posts

Post your replies to two classmates and using your skills in perception take a position of empathy.

Explain how you perceive the scene your classmate reports and take a perspective demonstrating empathy as defined in our textbook in chapter 2 (page 52) putting yourself in the place of either or both persons your classmate observed. What you can learn from the description of the scene reported by your classmate and you considering Empathy, Perception, and observed Communication. More through reports and replies will receive higher scores.