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Write the first section of your paper on this introduction and chapter one. Use a heading of Introduction and Chapter One. Summarize what was presented in those sections of the text leading to the overall conclusion of ‘why evolution is true’. (Explain these concepts along with a description of how each contributes to proving evolution).

Week 1: You are going to begin writing your term paper this week. You will be covering the introduction in Why Evolution is True and the first chapter. You will be covering/summarizing/explaining the main points in the introduction and in chapter one for your term paper. The term paper is really a lengthy, detailed book report. Your final paper will be divided into sections (each chapter with a chapter heading) so began doing that now.

Note: This paper is not asking for any religious views. This paper is asking only for a scientific evaluation of the material in the texts. You may, if you wish, always be clear that ‘according to the texts” is what you are expressing in the paper.

Write the first section of your paper on this introduction and chapter one. Use a heading of Introduction and Chapter One. Do this at the end of week one.  You will also have read material in Your Inner Fish and may incorporate supporting facts from that book as well.  Why Evolution is True takes you through a step by step approach and this is exactly how you want to arrange your paper – step by step – chapter by chapter. 


Chapter One

Here are a few notes/concepts that you should have gleaned from the introduction and first chapter in Why Evolution is True. Write about these terms and how they help prove evolution.

Scientific theories:  cell theory, atomic theory, gravitational theory, theory of relativity, theory of plate tectonics, evolution theory

evolution:  simply means that a species undergoes genetic change over time – think of insects/DDT and bacteria/antibiotic resistant bacterial strains

thus evolution is dependent on environmental pressures or openings/available niches

nested hierarchy versus matchbooks

how is natural selection a ‘tinkerer’?

natural selection – lack of perfection – think of testes