Written Assignment – Understanding The Other

This week you will turn in your midterm paper (due Day 7 of Week 4).

This interview involves looking across the boundary to the other’s needs, values, beliefs, and preferences (as discussed in the text regarding Reflecting). Through critical thinking, provide an overall analysis of your interview utilizing the text, course content, and cultural competency theories to support your reasoning.

Assignment Instructions:

This assignment will be divided over Weeks 3 and 4. You will be required to create interview questions, decide who you will be interviewing, and conduct an interview with someone that exemplifies an “other” for you regarding boundaries. The paper will be due at the end of Week 4. The final paper should not be a Q & A summary but an analysis of your interview experience.

Utilize reflecting tactics found in your text to do the following:

1. Create opportunities to listen and learn about one another

2. Ask powerful questions to uncover deep differences

3. Let commonalities emerge from differences