Formulate a vision to lead.


You have accepted a new position as the executive director of All Kids Childcare and Education, an established childcare program in your town with three locations and 60 employees. You plan to host an all-employee meeting to introduce yourself and to get to know your new team.

As you prepare the agenda, you plan to spend time talking about leadership. You believe it is important for your team to get to know your leadership style, and you believe in promoting the leadership abilities in others.


Create a presentation highlighting your leadership role and characteristics. Presentations can be completed with PowerPoint, Prezi, Word, video, or similar method, but must include the following components and be capable of being submitted through the drop box:

  • *Choose two roles from the Leadership Roles Chart. Describe how each role relates to your responsibility as a leader of All Kids Childcare and Education. Use outside resources to make connections to effective leadership.
  • *Identify at least three leadership characteristics that you possess. Choose characteristics from the Qualities and Characteristics of a Successful Leader lecture in this module or add your own. Express how these characteristics will support you and your team, and include outside resources to support your ideas.
  • *Define leadership in your own words. Describe a personal experience where you asserted leadership while on the job when you did NOT have a leadership role or title. (This could be any job you have held.) Explain the situation and describe why you consider this instance to be an important example of leadership experience. Relate your experience to your definition of leadership.
  • *Conclude with a summary of your expectations (or a Call to Action) for your team regarding personal leadership. Include the support you will offer for your team to become leaders in their current role. Provide outside resources to make connections between the support strategies offered and effective leadership.