SEE THE ATTACHED PAGE FOR MY RESPONSES TO THE QUESTIONS. so you can guide the essay properly.

This is an opportunity for you to reflect on your language learning experience(s) and the insights you have gain through this (these) experience(s) about yourself and your notions regarding language acquisition.

Some questions that might guide your narrative:

  • What is (are) the first language(s) you learned as a child? What do you (or family members/caregivers) recall about this process?  With whom did you interact, and in what language(s)?  Do you still use this (these) language(s)?
  • What additional languages have you learned (or tried to learn)? Why did you (try to) learn these languages? How did you learn them?  What was the experience like?  How successful were you?  What is your impression of yourself as a language learner? What factors do you suppose might have played a role in your level of success? 
  • (In what way) have any of your language learning experiences affected subsequent language learning experiences?
  • Overall, what insights have you developed from your experiences in learning additional languages?

Length: MUST BE 3-4 pages, double-spaced (approx. 750-1000 words)