· Please watch the video linked below and answer one of the following questions 1-4. The answer should be 200-words.

1. What was the problem or issue that set up the story?

2. What are three important facts about banks and credit cards that you did not previously know? Have any of these changed your opinion?

3. What was the most egregious behavior you observed in the video?

4. What is a deadbeat? Why is this concept ironic? Why is it important to the story?

· Please read the discussions below and write a 150-words respond for each discussion.

1. (question 2)A deadbeat is defined as a person who pays their credit card bill within the month of the purchase as a result the credit card company makes no money because the person did not allow the bill to accumulate debt. This concept is ironic because a deadbeat is define as a person without a job and no money yet, it is being applied to people who pays off their credit card bill. It is important in the story because credit card companies make money by charging interest when customers do not pay off their credit card bills. This is why credit card companies make money off of people called the revolvers. 

2. (question 4)A deadbeat in the credit card industry is a credit card user who promptly pays his payments in order to avoid any interest or additional fees. As opposed to a deadbeat whom in any other place or industry may be known as a deadbeat because they are unable to afford any extra amenities or the necessities. The irony is in this concept is that credit cards are a money game, and the players who do the best at the game are labeled deadbeat. This concept is essential, because you can do your best to make your payments on time, but if you ever slip credit card, a company can raise your apr without your knowledge.