Question 1

“Adapting Best Practices for Specific Solutions and The Chief Information Officer and Support Staff” Please respond to one of the following:

o Interpret how context, scope, and feasibility influence the development of a security process, and provide an example of a security solutions development process with your response.

o Analyze the design process for defining a customized security solution. Give your opinion as to which step in this design process is most significant.

o Determine what you believe are the three most important ways the security compliance officer supports the role of the chief information officer (CIO) or the chief information security officer (CISO) and explain why.

o Any current topic or article related to cybersecurity.

o The instructor insight.

While the minimum requirement is a one original and one response, one can get much more from the class by going beyond minimums and engaging in conversation with your professor or other students.  I encourage one to go beyond the minimum and those that can engage in four or more posts will truly learn much more than what is just in the physical classroom or textbooks.   I do give bonus points for extra work assuming quality, and good writing. 

 Question 2

“Functional Security Support Roles” or “Security Support Responsibilities.” Please respond to the following, with one original and any response(s):

Imagine you are the CIO of an organization. Lay out what you believe are your key responsibilities and how you would approach the job. 

Identify what you believe are three key elements for implementing a physical and environmental security program. Select one step that would be the most challenging to perform and one step that you believe is the most important for providing protection against information assets of an organization. Explain why you chose each step. 

Suggest three security support competencies of a privacy professional that support the security strategy of an organization. Justify your suggestions.