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A healthcare provider that could benefit from a marketing campaign and three reasons for choosing this organization

I have chosen the Olympia Medical center (OMC) which is a hospital in Los Angeles, California in the United States. I have chosen this healthcare facility because it was ranked one of the worst ranked hospitals in the United States. I believe that this hospital will be one of the best if some things are changed. The second reason why I chose this hospital is because it is owned by a group of physicians who bought it from the previous owners. It has also been owned by a couple of other people who went ahead to be unable to manage it further and end up selling it to the highest bidder. Moreover, I believe that the hospital has the most potential to grow and become one of the best in Los Angeles (, 2019). Olympia Medical Center is also supposed to be a big hospital rather than the way it is currently. I believe the state in which it is, should ensure that they get the necessary requirements from the federal and state law to ensure they provide the best services they could.

Some image or public relation issues.

In the Olympia Medical Center, I have found out that the hospital faced a very serious public relation issue way back in 2016. In this case, it involves a patient known as Kimberly Pickett, who was the plaintiff who accused the hospital of a very serious issue of the hospitals negligence and duty to care. Pickett was the director of Medtronic when she sustained a neck injury when she was out on a work related retreat. She has a disc compression in her cervical spine. Later on, when she was referred to Olympia for the surgery, the surgeon from the hospital implanted Infuse into her cervical spine using a cage which was not approved for use with Infuse. This was the wrong action that the hospital did. Olympia Medical Center was then accused of negligence since it provided the services and as well as facilities for the surgery in which the patient, Kimberly Pickett, was supposed to get. Their reputation was then automatically ruined since nobody can readily walk in a hospital that can cause harm to them.

How a marketing plan can improve the image of the organization.

A marketing plan is usually used to aid an organization to bring back its honor. For instance, in this case, Olympia Medical Center’s reputation was destroyed when they were accused of administering a surgery using an unapproved Infuse. Therefore, when they adapt a strategy that will help them plan for marketing their services, they will be assuring their patients that they have reconsidered every single process in their books and that the mistake would not happen again. The marketing plan will also help them explain to their patients about the new ways they are planning to follow in order to avoid the previous mistake. It will also impress the patients and help gain their trust back (Leonard, K., 2018). If the medical center assumes that they are okay even after they went through the mistakes they did, it means that they are not interested in the perspective of their patients. This will lead to lose of patients. Focusing on their best interest is the purpose of the marketing plan.

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