Requirement:  Research “THUNDER RUN IN BAGDAD” in the attached 16 cases of mission command that demonstrates the commander’s use of the Principles of Mission Command found in the attached ADP 6-0. Write a 5-6 page (body of text) paper that briefly describes the battle and thoroughly describes the commander’s use of mission command principles. Address at least four of the six Principles of Mission Command in your analysis. Discuss how the commander’s use of those principles affected the outcome of the battle, and whether or not the commander executed good or bad mission command. Use 2 additional peer reviewed outside sources. 


a. Introduction paragraph

b. History of the Battle (one or two paragraphs)

c. Analysis of the use of Principles of Mission Command (80% of the paper)

d. Conclusion paragraph


a. Microsoft Word document

b. Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) or Turabian