The company I am really interested in is KFC. It was founded in 1930, so it has a very long history. KFC is considered to be the multinational company.In my work, I want to compare the KFC work in four different countries on two different continents. The first two are Malaysia and Indonesia, which are situated in Asia. The other two are the United Kingdom and Germany, situated in West Europe. The cities I have chosen are Munich, London, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur.

KFC has a very good legal regulation, which provides an executive list and great provision of employees’ rights and responsibilities. According to that, all employees have the right to work in a fair and safe environment (YUM!). KFC had established Worldwide Code of Conduct, which regulates the behavior and relationships between employees and company (employer) (YUM!). This Code helps to treat colleagues with fairness and respect. KFC provides a ban on harassment, discrimination or other right infringement due to gender, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation. Employees are considered and expected to be accountable to the highest professional standards with mutual/ each other respect, which should be built in professional relationships (YUM!).

KFC has its own policy. This policy is based on the fairly dealing with employees and providing equal opportunities for all employees in hiring, recruiting, developing, promoting and compensating. Also, under the company’s policy are maintaining the professional, safe and discrimination-free work environment; recognizing and compensating employees, which is based on their performance and the last one is providing a weighty array of benefits.

The first KFC restaurant in Malaysia was established in 1973. Nowadays there are approximately more than 600 restaurants in Asia. Such restaurants continue their work in Malaysia under franchisee of KFC. KFC in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is opened daily from 7 a.m. till 11 p.m. The official language is Malaysian, but English is also widely spoken and understood. KFC works round- the- clocks in Jakarta, Indonesia. The official language is the Indonesian language, but English is also widely spoken, so there are not any problems with understanding tourist’s needs. KFC in London, United Kingdom has shorter hours of work. It depends on the place where KFC restaurant is situated.

KFC in Malaysia provides certain benefits for employees such as long break time, free lunches, overtime salary, accommodation (hostel) is also can be provided. In the United Kingdom’s KFC there extra bonuses for employees; absolutely free meals/ lunches are only for managers, workers should pay half of the price. Germany KFC provides such benefits as free meals, when you work and 50% discount if you do not; special training. KFC in Indonesia also provides free lunches and accommodation, if only needed (YUM!).

Salary in KFC all over the world depends on the working hours. For example, Germany provides 8-9 Euro per working hour. In England, the sum is approximately about 5,67 pounds per hour. In Malaysia is approximately from 3 to 9 Malaysian rhinitis. In Indonesia, the sum is about 57 $ per month. As I have already mentioned, the sum of salary depends from the country and it is based on the general financial situation in the country.

The possibility to apply the job is so easy. Every applicant should send the resume on email or come to an interview. To sum up, KFC provides a good legal provision (Code of Conduct), which is obligatory for application in all countries, where KFC restaurants are situated. The question about benefits, salary, working hours and other things vary from country to country.