What is your feedback and what would you do different?

In order to integrate collaborative discussions within a group that was geographically spread I would use tactics to unify my team and make them feel as one.  According to Ernst and Chrobot-Mason,  2011 “Weaving intergroup boundaries is similar in that it encourages groups to have their own distinctive identity and purpose (Us and Them) and at the same time to integrate each group within a larger organizational whole (We).  Within the group I would also ensure that there were subgroups that unified. One way that an organization may do this is using business resource groups tailored to business interests, such as “working women” or “young professionals.”

These subcategories serve to unify no matter the geographic or cultural differences and are just two among many more. Furthermore Ernst and Chrobot-Mason state “Research demonstrates that creating “subcategories” by activating both a group identity and a collective identity can be more effective than strategies that activate a group or collective identity alone.” (Links to an external site.) Highlighting the differences of each subcategory adds dimensions to a group, enhancing the connection within the group. 

There is also nothing that draws people together like solving problems and facing odds together. For that reason, I would also make sure that my team work together toward the challenges using their unique perspectives and experiences. For a group who has geographic challenges utilizing multiple technologies available would also be important.