DISCUSSION ESSAY POST: Examine the attached two shots from Alfred Hitchcock’s PSYCHO (1960) carefully. Study their elements of design (a) setting, décor, and properties; b) lighting; c) costume, makeup, and hairstyle)  and framing (a) implied proximity to the camera; b) depth; c) camera angle and height; d) scale; e) framing and point of view). Using the very precise technical definitions and language you’ve learned from the textbook and videos, analyze how those elements work together to create implicit and explicit meanings in the sequence in which the two shots appear  and the film as a whole. (You may have to go back to this sequence and rewatch it.) Your post should be *at least* 750  words — and often longer — to address this topic thoroughly.

Remember that you should write formally, using complete sentences and distinct paragraphs.  Include a thesis at the beginning of your essay, define terms very specifically, referring to the textbook and course videos before you start applying them to the film, and support your observations with specific examples from the film and the textbook. Give page numbers if you cite or quote the textbook.

COMMENT POSTS: In another message, comment on what a classmate has posted, referring to the student by name. (Each comment should be at least 75 words.) Reply to a different student than those you responded to in Discussions 1 – 2. Your comment will be assessed according to the quality of its interaction with others; thoughtfulness; being informed; respectful—while still being rigorous and analytical.