1) Constructivism emerges in reaction to which of the following historical events?

a)Group of answer choicesThe Advent of the Social Internet

b)The Cuban Missile Crisis

c)The 2008 Presidential Election in the USA. d)The Collapse of the Soviet Union

2) For Immanuel Wallerstein, The World System is ________   

Select:    [“Nonexistent”, “Completely Anarchic”, “Not Anarchic”]           

because the distribution of  ___________     provides order.

 Select:   [“Global Infrastructure”, “Military Capabilities”, “Capital

3) For Keohane and Nye, which of these is a reason for why Complex Interdependence might be desirable?

Group of answer choices

a)It leads to open borders and the free movement of peoples.

b)It creates the conditions for a free and open Internet.

c)It renders military conflict between interdependent nations impossible.

d)It facilitates the creation of large-scale infrastructure projects.

4) In a Bipolar world, the two hegemonic powers will compete over the non-aligned countries because it is the only way to increase their own power without going to war directly.

True or False

5) In order to prevent conflict, Classical Liberals propose that countries collaborate to a degree that they become…

b)Functionally Independent

c)Completely Autonomous


e)Hegemonic Superpowers

6) According to Lipset, which of these Classes will demand democratic rights if economic development occurs?

a)The Feudal Class

b)The Working Class

c)The Upper Class

d)The Middle Class

7) For Classical Liberals, the International System is anarchic but because power is not zero-sum, it provides opportunity for both conflict and cooperation.

True or False

8) For Liberals, both Classical and Structural, the primary lens through which they understand power is…

Group of answer choices

Military Power

Hard Power

Economic Power

Social Power

9) When Constructivists refer to Productive Power (or Social Power) they are referring to a State’s ability to…

a)Use economic power to “bribe” countries into following their lead.

b)Use military power to coerce outcomes they want.

c)Create models of production that other societies will want to imitate.

d)Persuade people to engage in behavior they approve of.

10) Which of these is NOT an actor in the Classical Liberal paradigm?

a)Multinational Corporations

b)Private Militia Groups

c)International Institutions