1: Research Question : Why is it so important for banking industry to consider the factors of privacy in policy-making?

2: Annotated Bibliography

3: Sentence Outline

4: Data collection Plan

Final Document should include these sections



· What is the importance of the research?

· Why would a reader be interested in the research?

· What is the research question?

· What is research methodology used?

· How was the data collected?

· What changes should be implemented as a result of the findings of the work?

· How does this work add to the body of the knowledge on the topic?

Introduction (Already done)

Literature Review

· Discusses the literature that you find, primary findings from your research, what gaps that have not been implemented in the literature of prior research, and how does your study address the gaps.

· Individual annotated bibliography

· Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to prepare you for the dissertation process by creating an annotated bibliography. One of the core competencies necessary to succeed in a doctoral program is the ability to identify and use other research that pertains to your own. You will need the ability to identify similar research, read the papers, and assimilate prior work into your own research. An annotated bibliography helps you develop and hone these research skills.

· Description: The topic of your annotated bibliography is your research paper topic. After completing this week’s Learning Activities, develop an annotated bibliography of at least 7 peer-reviewed references and annotations. Each annotation should include three 3 paragraphs: a summary, evaluation, and reflection.

· Other Research

Research Method (How you are going to collect the data)

· Discuss and support the research

· Data collection tools used (eg: Interviews and any other sources)

· Sample

· Protocols

· Timelines

· Limitations

Results (Present the data that you collected, provide broad discussion of the data)

· Share the data

· Be factual


· Share what the data means

· Go beyond factual in an educated interpretation

· Explain what you found

· Interpret what you found

Conclusion (Not just summary)

· How does your research fit into the body of research?

· Why was your research important?

· Where could other researchers go next?