Discussion Questions due January 16, 2020

(These questions need to be 250 words with references)

1. Building a House/the Journey of the Quest

What happens when we hire a contractor to build us a house but don’t put any effort into monitoring what and how materials are used and whether there is any quality workmanship?  How is this house impacted by us spending as little money as possible in design and construction?  Is there any realistic expectation that this will be anything other than a cheaply built house?

Why would anyone on a Religious or other Quest take one step and be satisfied with it?  Is this really a quest?

Thoughts and sources, class?

2. Three Important Religious Issues Today


Top of Form

Let us use this discussion thread to post what each of us considers the three most important issues facing religion today.  Identify (name) and provide some narrative this coming week on each point and the reason I ask this is that your perspective might be a bit different from someone else who considers the same topic important, but we might know the difference unless we add some specific thoughts.  Be sure to include some descriptive narrative, not just the point or issue that you are posting.  This will help us understand more about the why and what that you’ve selected for this note.

Also, be sure to include at least one source per item (you can post all three issues in the same note) and this will further our discussions and will also prepare us to locate expert and professional sources in each of the coming weeks’ topics.