Week 1 Homework Assignment

50 points

Part 1-After reading through the Zimmerman and Snow textbook on pages 101-105, define the following terms. You need to both explain what the acronym stands for and write a definition of what each one represents in your own words. (worth up to 10 pts)




· AI

· UL

Part 2-Using the DRI nutrient chart I provided you, complete this table for your specific age and sex displaying your DRIs for the following nutrients. Make sure you label the amount of each nutrient (mg/d, g/d, and micrograms/d). (worth 10 pts)

NutrientPlace the amount of each nutrient needed for your age and sex here in this space
Vitamin A
Vitamin D
Vitamin E

Part 3-First read the Week 1 Learning Resource titled “How to Understand and Use the Nutrition Facts Label” and in the Zimmerman and Snow textbook pages 108-111. Then complete this chart to analyze three of your favorite foods found in your kitchen. Fill in the chart for the three foods. Don’t forget to label your numbers. (worth up to 15 pts).

Name of ProductServing sizeTotal CaloriesCalories from FatTotal Fat (g)Total Carbohydrates (g)Dietary Fiber (g)Protein (g)Sodium (mg)
SAMPLEKashi Cereal Bar1 bar (35g)110253g (5%)21g (7%)3g (10%)2g200 mg (8%)

Part 4-Please answer EACH of the following questions in a written paragraph below. Each question should be answered in one or two sentences to properly and fully complete the question. (worth up to 15 pts).

· Provide a brief explanation on if you think you do or do not meet these nutritional DRI requirements.

· Where do you think you fall the shortest on and how could you improve your daily diet? Be specific, which nutrient do you feel you lack the most? Why?

· How could you improve your nutritional intake on a daily basis? Don’t just say “I can eat better!” Make some specific suggestions as to what specific foods you could eat or habits you could implement to meet these nutritional needs.

· What did you learn about the food you are eating by filling in the food label chart? Were there any surprises for you?

· What healthier alternatives could you add to your kitchen to improve the nutritional value of some of your favorite foods? List some specific foods you could add to your pantry to help you eat healthier.