Attached Files: File primer.doc Click for more options (64.5 KB) File thecorrectionspageapav.2.doc Click for more options (85 KB) File incorporating quotes.pptx Click for more options (101.079 KB)  Case Study 1: The Critical Need for Information SecuritySecurity.

Write an essay of no less than four pages in which you: 

 Identify no less than three of what you believe are the most serious threats to cybersecurity in the workplace today.   Why you believe they are serious threats, and the best way to mitigate the threats and how best to educate employees on recognizing and dealing with the threats.     How you approach the essay is unique to you, there is no template.   However, the basic essay format of an introductory paragraph, drafted or revise after the finished draft to reflect the final paper, a solid body laying out in good paragraphs the key points and arguments you need to make, and most importantly, the lessons you want the reader to learn, and any takeaway you may have, is expected.     The conclusion is the reason for most academic and real world papers, and is never just a single block of text, or single paragraph.   I expect multiple paragraphs for your lessons and takeaway, along with a closing paragraph.   The body and conclusion are mutually supportive.      If you discuss something in the body, then it must relate to or support your lessons and takeaway, if you conclude something in the lessons and takeaway, those must be developed and supported in the body.    Locate at least three to five resources minimum from the Strayer University Library for this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar websites do not qualify as quality resources.  You may have outside sources from the government, cybersecurity industry, etc. as well.