In this first discussion assignment, I’d like to hear YOUR questions about religion in the United States. What is one thing you’d like to know about religion in America?  If you don’t yet have a question that is specific to the United States, is there a question you’ve been wondering about religion in general?

Hit “reply” to post your question below. Include several sentences to explain what led you up to this question or to develop it more fully. Your total post should be about 200 words long, and should make an explicit connection to the reading assigned in this module, Neusner Ch. 22. 

I challenge you to come up with a question that can open the way for deeper dialogue. Try to avoid writing a question with a single, straightforward answer that could be looked up in an encyclopedia. “How, “why,” and “what if” questions might be a good way to go here.

Grades will be based on:

-Depth of engagement with class materials (7/10 points)

-Writing quality (proper spelling, grammar, punctuation) (3/10 points)

Note: Please try to keep your responses down to the 200-word mark. While I will not necessarily take off points for posts that go OVER that length, the highest scores will be given to posts that demonstrate strong analytical depth while remaining close to the suggested word limit.  

read files uploaded and do a question and read the requirements . has to be related to files uploaded .