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Nature of Faith and the Nature of Religions

Nature of Faith and the nature of religions today are the first two ideas that we will explore in this content thread during Week 1, which reads as follows:

WEEK ONE (Jan 13 – 19 at noon on Sunday)     Introduction & background/ the nature of faith “Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy”  

Remember the length and source requirement of discussion notes as described in the Online Guidebook.  

Let’s define faith and religion to start this thread and monitor the discussion notes for items already posted.  It is important to read the discussion notes that already have been posted so that we avoid duplication and to work diligently in providing insights and sources for all to examine. This work meets the requirement to move beyond our initial understanding either by deepening it or expanding it. 

So, be sure to read the posted notes and then create your response that includes at least one source and a conclusion or insights gained.