Week Two Discussion

Media Analysis & Discussion

Assignment Overview: The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with an opportunity to interact with their colleagues to discuss class material for the week.

Requirements: There are two parts to this assignment. The first is a 250-word response (Media Analysis), the second part is where you interact with other course participants (Discussion). See below for further details.

Media Analysis: Examine the weekly media prompt and corresponding question(s), and provide a response using a minimum of 250 words.  You are encouraged to take a position on the issue and to support it with deductive reasoning, logic and reference to the readings or links to outside online research.  Your topic response should be well written, insightful and free from grammatical errors (college level writing).

Discussion: The discussion part of the assignment provides an opportunity for student interaction and the exchange of ideas. Please respond to posts from at least two different students, for a total of three student responses. In other words, do not focus on just one student’s responses.  Each post must be substantive: Do not simply agree with someone else’s position but rather expand on, challenge, or question the perspective.

When to Post: Please make your initial post (Media Analysis) by Thursday at 11:59pm PST.  The discussion portion will take place on Friday through Sunday after all initial posts have been made, due Sunday at 11:59pm PST .

Netiquette: Please be respectful to other members of the class.  The goal is to have an open discussion without insulting one another; disagreeing is healthy, but please do so in a respectful manner.

1 Media Analysis + 3 discussion posts = 4 posts weekly required to earn maximum points for Media Analysis/Discussion

Media Analysis Instructions:

Step #1 – Read Chapter 6 in the textbook on Film, paying special attention to the Recognizing Product Placement section.

Step #2 – Watch the short video spoof below from the film Wayne’s World to gear you up for spotting product placement in films, or just to make you smile.


Step #3 – Watch a feature length film/s from beginning to end taking note of the following:

Advertising: Take note of all the references (dialogue, direct product placement, etc.) of any commercial product or service in the film.

Step #4 – Select and answer 2 of the following questions below.  Please write in narrative form and don’t just treat them as individual questions, but as a part of a overall theme with each question being one point to support your views and reflecting back to the video and article, addressing connections between the material and questions.

· What impact can advertising (content in the story, not before or after the screening) have on the creative elements of the story? Is it necessary, or are studios “selling out?”  Does the significance of the story get tarnished?

· If done correctly and not excessively, can product placement enhance character development since brand loyalty and product preference are ways of life?

· Is product placement deceptive, should it be identified for what it truly is, such as advertorials are in magazines?  In television, by law, all commercial messages must be identified.  Do you think such a rule should be applied to movies?

· Is product placement increasing in films because less people are going to the movies to see previews, as technology has permitted us various ways to stream movies from multiple devices?

· Just like with other media vehicles, advertising is necessary for existence.  So why should film be given a different set of rules than say newspaper, radio or TV?

· Should tobacco and alcohol advertisers be given a different set of rules or pay higher prices for product placement than products that are not unhealthy?

To answer these particular questions, click the link above. Once you are in the forum, click the “Create Thread” button to view the question again, as well as, create and submit your Media Analysis.