Week 4: Writing

This week, you will find peer-reviewed scholarly research studies: one should be a mixed methods study, and the others can be either quantitative or qualitative or both. Use the note-taking worksheet in the books and resources section of this week for each of the articles […]

Week 1 Post Discussion

Identify a past incident (writing it in case study format) and briefly provide details associated with the response or recovery phase or both. Please write about the natural disaster of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico of 2018. My class for this semester is Disaster, Emergency […]

Health Care

 reply must be at least 250 words.  The case study we were provided presents an ethical dilemma I have previously come across in my nursing career. The dynamics between health care providers and patients and their families can vary greatly.  I think it is important […]

Analysis Paper

Be sure to read the required reading for this week as it will help guide you through the process of analyzing a problem.  It is by Catherine Savini and is linked here as well as in the lesson’s Reading and Resources section.  “Looking for Trouble: Finding […]

Organizational Behavior

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper describing the forces of change and approaches to managing organizational change in criminal justice agencies, including identifying observable aspects of organizational cultures. Answer the following questions: What social, political, and organizational behavior can influence change in criminal justice agencies? What is […]

P rivilege is least apparent to those who have it

“P rivilege is least apparent to those who have it.”  Clarence Page This week we will explore the concept of privilege and the cultural changes that have brought about inequalities and movements that have arisen to challenge social stratification. Often we do not give much thought the […]

Religious Right

The following statement just needs a reply to ! 150 if possible (reply must include the similarities or differences in your worldview with that of the author.) By definition, the term worldview is defined as “a commitment, a fundamental orientation of the heart, that can […]