Discussion 1: Complete this Worksheet. Each worksheet is building toward helping you write and complete your final paper. While the instructor may provide direct feedback, please check your grade to see how you progressed on this assignment.

Discussion 2: Comment on three of your peers’ posts. Feel free to ask them questions or for elaboration on something they said. The only requirement is to be kind and have a discussion (be specific and encouraging). If a teammate already has five comments, then choose a different teammate to interact with so that they feel included.


For your Public Space Essay, you will need to visit a public space of your choosing or reflect on a picture of a public space. Please list a combination of physical or pictured public spaces below.






Choose one of those five public spaces and tell me why it matters to you.

[post your answer below]

Tell a Story

In your Patterns Plus Book, please read Chapter 2 on Narration. In that chapter, you will see a paragraph pattern. Use that pattern to tell a story about the public space you selected and write a short narrative (100 words – 250 words), following the book’s suggested pattern: 

Topic Sentence:

Incident 1:

Incident 2:

Incident 3:

Incident 4:

Incident 5:


Style Exercise:

In your book, read John Updike’s story “The Movie House” (pg 18), and Elizabeth Bishop’s “Geography” (pg 25). Now take the story you wrote and try and modify your story to match the style of John Updike or Elizabeth Bishop. Basically, I want you to pretend that you can write like they can. Pretend to be them. I know many of you like to copy. Try and copy them here but with your story.