Report #1: Checks and Balances

After reading Chapter 2 of your text, “The Constitution,” and watching the C-Span video “Checks and Balances: Intentions of the Founders” (link to the video below, it is about an hour and a half long), write a brief report. The report should contain three separate sections that address all the points in each question. Notice the expected word count for each section (exceeding the word count will not negatively affect your grade, but please try to stay within the range).

1. Based on your reading of Chapter 2 of the text, describe the major checks and balances in the Constitution that are intended to limit the power of each of the three branches of government. Be specific in indicating how each branch checks the others. (approximately 200-250 words)

2. According to the discussion in the video, what makes some people worry that these checks and balances are not as effective as they once were in limiting power (particularly the power of the president)? What possible reforms or changes might be needed to restore the balance of power among the branches? (approximately 200-250 words)

3. List and describe two points made during the discussion on the video concerning checks and balances that you found particularly interesting, novel, or insightful. (approximately 100-150 words)

Be careful not to plagiarize. If you want to quote directly from your book or from the video, do so by using quotation marks and by indicating the page number (if available). But try to do this sparingly and simply use your own words in addressing the questions.

In your writing, use an analytical tone that is free of your personal opinions. In other words, try to answer the questions in a straightforward and objective manner.

Link to the video: CSPAN Video on Checks and Balances