Technology has its pros and cons

Week 5 _ Classmate posts: Leah Wrote: Hello class, Technology has its pros and cons. A pro of in my line of work we rely heavily on technology. The only time an employee does not have to work off of a computer is during the […]

Analyzing & Visualizing Data Research Paper

Clean Data and Basic Analysis Using the data collected in week 1, clean the data and perform perform basic statistical analysis. Often times data is analyzed and visualized to understand, but not to present the visualization.  Visualizations can be excellent analytical tools. If you would like to […]

Social Change Reflection

The DREAM Act is a bipartisan legislation that addresses the plight of young people who grew up in the United States and have graduated from our high schools, but whose future is circumscribed by our current immigration laws. Watch the video below and write a reaction post, […]

Fin Mgment

Directions: Answer the following questions in a separate document. Explain how you reached the answer or show your work if a mathematical calculation is needed, or both. Submit your assignment using the assignment link above. In your own words, identify two different stock exchanges in […]

MHW-642: Sociological Influences Worksheet

MHW-642: Sociological Influences Worksheet It is essential for mental health workers to understand the influence of external factors on family dynamics. This assignment will help you learn this concept. Citing two to four scholarly sources, answer the following: Topic 2: Sociological Influences of the Family […]

Option 1: Population Health, Public Health, and Community Health Nursing

Option 1: Population Health, Public Health, and Community Health Nursing Describe population health and the relationship to community/public health nursing. How has the development of population health been influenced throughout history? Where do you see the role of nurses in the future of population health? What role […]

Sociological Influences Essay

In an essay (500-750 words), citing two to four scholarly sources, answer the following prompts: Select a diverse family system. Explain the impact of feminism, patriarchy/gender roles, and social class on the family system you selected. Explain the impact of the market on the family […]


Company Z provides telephony services to customers. These services include VoIP. You are hired to create a security assessment for company Z for an upcoming audit by the counties authoritative agents to certify company Z compliant to ISO 17799 Standard for The professional Practices for […]

Autonomous Mobile Robots

Competency Evaluate the emergence of new technologies and their impact on business operations. Scenario You have just been promoted to the position of technical manager of the Lightning Automotive Group who has been tasked with the production of affordable electrical vehicles. The overall goal is […]

Provide A Summary To The Partners,

Three (3) personal trainers at an upscale health spa / resort in Sedona, Arizona, want to start a health club that specializes in health plans for people in the 50+ age range. The trainers — Donna Rinaldi, Rich Evans, and Tammy Booth — are convinced […]