Discussion Board 1:

Search the internet for an EHR software (other than Medisoft).

· Discuss the pros and con of having computers and an EHR software in the medical office.

· Discuss the features of the EHR, and any disadvantages you may have found.

*** must be 300 words ***

Discussion Board 2:

In this module/week, you learned about the differences between new and established patient designations. You also learned about the information needed to prepare for a patient visit/service and how to determine if a patient’s insurance is primary, secondary, tertiary, or otherwise. What aspects of what you learned did you not know or understand prior to this module/week’s learning activities (including the assigned reading)? Why is it important to determine if a patient is new or established? If you do not receive all the necessary information based upon patient designation (new or established), what could happen?

*** must be 300 words ***