WA#1, you will gather five scholarly sources on the topic that you’ve chosen and create an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography consists of an APA formatted citation and a written paragraph that summarizes, describes, and evaluates the material in the article. After summarizing the article, it is a good idea to evaluate it. Does the source seem reliable? Is it current? What limitations have you noted in the study? How does the material relate to your topic? Will you find the material useful for your work?

Please access the sample, student annotated bibliography attached: Sample Annotated Bibliography. As you read over this sample annotated bibliography, choose one of the annotations and respond to the following questions:

  1. Identify the claim made by the author(s) of the article
  2. Has the student identified the main strengths in the study?
  3. Identify the conclusion reached by the authors of the article
  4. Are there any limitations in the study, according to the student who wrote the annotation?
  5. Does the student who wrote the annotation make clear whether the source is useful/not useful for his or her own work?