Confidentiality Comparisons

Compare and contrast the HIPAA Privacy Rule and ethical requirements for confidentiality and legal standing of psychologist patient privilege. How are they similar or different? Use the Venn diagram here (Links to an external site.) to illustrate similarities and differences between HIPAA and the APA code of ethics. As you will see, there is a third circle as well – this is where you will develop and illustrate your own code of ethics, illustrating its similarities and differences to both the HIPAA Privacy Rule and APA ethical code. If you run out of space in the Venn diagram, feel free to continue your list on the second page. Below the diagram, you also have a place to further explain these similarities and differences in narrative form, especially if you want to extrapolate further on the dimensions of your personal ethical code and how it fits in with HIPAA and APA ethical requirements.

Venn diagram is in attachment below


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Additional references must be from 2015-current

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