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Gideon: Divine Power in Human Weakness


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Gideon: Divine Power in Human Weakness

In reading through the leadership profiles It struck me that despite these leader’s and there greatness, they were human, and they all fell. One way or the other each of the leaders in scripture have a reputation that is ruined, except one, Jesus Christ. The leader I felt most connected to was Gideon. Gideon, though he was fearful, shows the courage is the true measure of a man. [1] But this courage did not come naturally to Gideon. Like Gideon I can be insecure when it comes to leading others and accomplishing God’s purposes.  Fortunately God loves to make his power known through weak vessels, as it shows that He can use anyone to advance His kingdom. The story most associated with Gideon is when the Lord had commanded him to reduce his army before attacking the Midianites. I am the type of person, and i imagine Gideon to be this way as well, that would feel better and more secure with more resources available. When Gideon was told by God to keep decreasing the number of men in his army, I am sure his heart sank with each command. But like Gideon, I have to learn to lean into God as the ultimate resource. I think Gideon knew the Lord was on there side, and He was going to bring the victory. Gideon and his 300 men were merely a vessel God used to take down the large 135,000 Medianite army. That’s what I see my self as. There are so many battles in our world today that seem so overwhelming that I almost don’t even want to fight. Then I remember that God has chosen people like Gideon, insecure and weak, to accomplish great purposes according to His will. In my own leadership I must be able to lean into what God has instructed me, even if that means eliminating resources to focus more on Him and relying solely on the Lord for the victory. 

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Howell, Don N. Servants of the Servant. Wipf & Stock Publisher: Eugene, OR, 2003.

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