Learning Activity #1

International Trade and Politics are very much in the news today.

· Research current event articles on American International Trade agreements with WTO, TPP and NAFTA (USMCA).

· Explain the Trump Administration’s view is on these agreements, how the view differs from the last administration, and what effect it has on current American Trade.

Learning Activity #2

Josh and Jacob Jonas want to go “global” with their company, “Jolly Jumps,” a trampoline fun park.  Josh, a recent UMUC management graduate, thought they would do well to consult the major theorists for guidance on international trade in preparation for their new venture. 

· Select three articles from this week’s readings that utilize theories.  

· In relation to the trampoline fun par, apply the theories and explain what each theory suggests for the Jonas Brothers in entering their trampolines into the international marketplace.

· In the discussion, include a summary of each theory and how it applies to the Jonas Brothers. Using conclusions drawn from the models, determine whether international trade is a good idea for the Jonas Brothers.

Required Reading under Content, Week 2:

International Business Management (Part 2 sections 5-11 pages 14-28)

US Free Trade Agreements

NAFTA Being Renegotiated by Trump

Trade Blocs How They Work?

Free Trade Benefits

Free Trade Disadvantages

Free Trade Versus Protectionism

Fair Trade Free Trade Similar in Name Only

What is Protectionism and Could It Benefit the US

International Business Management (Part 2 sections 5-11 pages 14-28)

11 Biggest Challenges Doing Business Internationally

Top Ten Global Economic Challenges

The Global Company Challenge