Samantha Gan-Flentroy posted Jan 19, 2020 3:29 PM

Millennials are now filling a larger portion of organizational staff rosters. According to Simon Sinek he states that to no fault of their own millennials feel they are entitled to things. That millennials were brought up learning that everyone is a winner just from participating, everyone gets the same trophy whether they are first or last. Working as a recruiter I have experienced the millennial mindset first hand. I have had millennials setup an interview with me and when they saw up the first thing they say is “I want to know what the Air Force can do for me”. It’s not “I want to serve my country”. Even when they are told here is X,Y and Z the jobs the Air Force needs you for their response was “Well I don’t want to do any of those jobs, I will only join if I get this XXX job”. It was frustrating at first until I figured out that I needed to help them understand how the jobs the Air Force needed them to do would also benefit them. One of the most important things a company can do is provide training to their employees that will help bridge the gap between generations (LaCore, 2015). Each generation has something to offer the other.


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