1. Unit 2 DB: Job Analysis and Descriptions (HRM307)

Some organizations are disciplined in performing job analysis and maintaining up-to-date job descriptions while many are not.  Why might this be true?  If employed, is there a difference between what you and your employer think about the value of job analysis and job descriptions, and why?  If not employed, explain the pros and cons of job analysis and job descriptions.

2. Unit 2.1 Discussion: Hofstede’s Six Factor Theory of Culture (HRM335)

Describe your cultural background in light of Hofstede’s theory of cultural dimensions.  Where does this culture sit in regard to these six dimensions?  What are the implications for managing employees from such a culture?

3.  Unit 2.2 Discussion: The Pros and Cons of Social Responsibility (HRM335)

Some believe that embracing corporate social responsibility (CSR) can be a competitive advantage; others believe that doing so is inconsistent with the role of business and wastes important business resources. What do you think and why? Research and cite sources that support your position.