Youtube Project

Youtube Project – Instrument Profile (40 points) You will present a project which will be a mini profile of an instrument of the orchestra. Let the readings from week 1 guide your process. You can find almost anything on Youtube, including sample sounds of instruments. I would like you to choose an instrument from the week 1 reading and provide a presentation of that instrument, including a Youtube link to a piece of music which represents that instrument well.  Be very careful here that you are choosing something from within the orchestral setting.  Please stay away from popular music artists for this project.  We are working with music from these early eras we are studying right now.

I personally really enjoy the cello. So, perhaps I would make a presentation on the cello, featuring Yo- Yo Ma as a soloist with an orchestra or even a solo performance with let’s say piano accompaniment. It doesn’t matter what piece of music you wish to show as long as you include the link to Youtube so we are all able to enjoy your choice. It can be a selection that features a section of violins, let’s say, or something which features just one. The entire piece does not need to feature the instrument all the time. Perhaps there’s a solo section within a work that features the oboe and you choose that instrument and selection. That will work as well. This is about developing our ears for hearing a variety of instruments.

You will want to include the instrument, soloist or group that features the instrument, title of composition they’re playing, and then some background information about the instrument as well as your personal perspective of the music you’ve chosen. This is about sharing with your classmates and to help all of us learn a bit more about characteristic sound of an instrument. Each of you will post your project and respond to at least three other projects throughout the following week.

Click the link above and it will take you to the discussion area where you will create your own thread and present your project.