Essay #1 Freedom

Review the readings by Thoreau, Machiavelli, and Rousseau. Consider their definitions of freedom as you review and reread portions of the essays that stood out to you during the first reading. Think about what it means to be free and what freedom means to you. Pre-write on this topic using one of the pre-writing techniques discussed in class. Pre-writing is essential when it comes to organizing your thoughts. This technique will help you organize your argument before you begin writing.

Writing prompt:

Formulate your own definition of freedom and discuss how living in a civilized society either limits or ensures freedom as you have defined it.

Paper requirements:

4 page minimum (4 full pages)

Follow MLA formatting guidelines (see MLA guidelines on course menu)

Must have a Works Cited page (this is not included in the minimum 4 page requirement)

Avoid the use of 1st person

Make sure that you have a strong thesis that responds to the prompt and focus on staying on topic throughout your paper. You are required to use at least two quotes, with parenthetical citations, from any of the texts we have read thus far. You may also use outside quotes for support. You need to have an introduction and a conclusion, while focusing on developing a strong thesis with well-developed and well-supported paragraphs. You will be required to write a concluding paragraph, but since we have not done any work on conclusions thus far in the course, this will not be the focus of grading.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN YOUR ESSAY, it is important that you review the Handout labeled “Academic Voice”.