How to fix Fitter Snacker

Fitter Snacker

Imagine presenting a fictional company Fitter Snacker and the problems with their systems currently in place. The CIO has created a committee of subordinate managers, of which you are one, to develop talking points for a presentation to senior management.  The presentation is intended  to convince them to replace what they have with an integrated ERP system.

Gather the Facts

Many SAP implementations have been met with complications and hurdles. In order to prepare the presentation, you realize that you must research to determine what the company could expect to have happen during the implementation process.  You will need to present and set expectations accordingly.

Organize the presentation

Meet as a committee on this discussion board and decide what each of you, as a committee, should do. Develop a cohesive set of talking points for the CIO to use with the CFO and CEO to prepare the communication plan for “ERP in our future.” Post the research findings here for others to see and address the following:


  1. Identify the Stakeholder Process Areas
  2. Explain how ERP meets the needs of the Stakeholders
  3. Develop the implementation strategy that will improve process outcomes
  4. Explain any adverse consequences or effects that may be expected
  5. How will you defend  the proposed change to ERP?