Introductions and Ethical Consideration in Educational Research 

Discussion Instructions:

Student introductions at the beginning of the class help to create a welcoming learning environment and a sense of community.  Therefore, please participate in this exercise fully. 

You will enter the forum by clicking on the Introduce Yourself title.

Include the following information in your introduction:

1. What name should we use to communicate with you? (Start from Q3)

2. What is your major? How far along in the program are you? (Start from Q3)

3. Tell us what you are comfortable sharing about your life.

4. Tell us something interesting about yourself. 

5. After viewing the YouTube video, Henrietta Lacks, the Tuskegee Experiment, & Ethical Data Collection: Crash Course Statistics #12, located within the Lecture Videos link on the Course Menu, respond in your introduction to these prompts. Address each prompt thoroughly to get full points.  It must be obvious that you did the homework.

5. a. How would you react if you learned after the fact that all of the teachers/principals/employees in your work setting were being video recorded in your classrooms/offices on a daily basis without your knowledge as part of a research study by your health insurance on your eating habits? 

5b. Would you feel violated?

5c. What harm could it do and to whom? 

5d. What would your recourse of action be?

5e. In designing experimental research in your educational settings, what is the number one concern? 

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Discussion Response Guidelines:

  • Acknowledge your classmates’ posts.
  • Build upon these posts by providing additional details, ideas, and perspectives.
  • Conclude with a question or new idea to further stimulate the discussion.

Discussion posts should always be thoughtful and courteous.