Write a 3 page paper on the following question below:

In this assignment we look at segmentation and minorities in the United States. To begin, please do some internet research on the California Milk Producers and the “Got Milk” marketing campaign. Consider the three major minority groups in the USA: Hispanic Americans, African Americans and Asian Americans. For each group, describe the segments in terms of:

– Overall population size (USA & California)

– Demographics like age, education, and income (USA and California)

– What are the media habits of each group (USA only)

– Describe the nature of families for each group (USA only)

After describing each group, choose the first group you would target if you were the California Milk Producers and if the assumed goal is to increase the use of milk in California. Base your targeting on the criteria listed in your book, including accessibility, ability to buy, actionability or the responsiveness of the group you choose, overall size, and sustainability of the market over time. Please discuss your targeting in detail.