In the project, you will work with HTML, CSS and JavaScript to develop a website that will be published to an Apache Web server. The project will require research, self-directed learning and consultation with lecturers.

Milestone 1 – Project Plan & Design Comps

In this milestone you will create a project plan (including goal and audience analysis, flowchart, text, images and screen designs), which you will use to develop the finished site.

Document the changes you have made to the site in response to feedback from Assignment-1 and submit/show to your tutor/lecturer during week 7 practical class.

Milestone 2 – Website

This is the complete website, the result of you going through the complete website design and development process. Using the work done in the project plan and design comps, your group will develop a functional, finished site. Your site should be basically “completed” by week 9, so that it is ready for usability testing during the week 10 practical. Assessment of this milestone is for both completeness and quality.