Why are non-physician practitioners (Nurse Practitioners or Physician Assistants) so essential in our health care environment today? If applicable, discuss experiences that you may have had with non-physician practitioners. How do you think we can use these practitioners to the fullest extent to help serve our patients?

There are many reason non-physician practitioners are extremely essential in today’s healthcare environment. According to the article “The doctor cannot see you now- but the nurse can” these refers to the shortages of primary care providers and these nurses are equipped to diagnose patient symptoms or even write prescriptions in some states where is allow (abc). Seem that this can be a solution in the long term especially in the rural or poor areas across the nation where there is a huge lack of primary care physicians. Most of the times when patients have an appointment at the doctor’s office probably more than 80% of the time, they spend is with a nurse. These nurses create efficiancy by analyzing patient’s health from the begging and they refer them to the right doctor. Not even to mention they play vital role in explanting doctor diagnostics to the patient or helping them manage their health as well. Nevertheless, I have no encounter an experience with a non-physician practitioner.

The best solution to use nurse practitioners to the fullest is eliminating the barrier and laws that prohibit these nurses to see patient on their own. As this article address that there are many outdate laws in the state and federal label that impact the nurse practitioners (md). Some people might argue these nurses do not have the knowledge or experience as a doctor, but this country is currently facing a shortage in primary care physicians. Therefore, there is a need to transform the health care sysytm in The United States. As population continue to growth older there are more patients with chronic illness than ever before. These nurses could be the front line of home helth care industry or in the doctor’s office as well. For instead, the nurse practitioners will have the authority to see patients or their own but will not be able to write a prescription without consulting the doctors first. Next, these nurses before making a diagnostic they need to consult the doctors for a second opinion. By changing the laws will not only increase the health of the patinet but could reduce the cost of primary care as well. Also, these could boost productivity between the doctor and the nurse working as team will reduce the wait time for an appointment and see more patients in the daily basics. However, just to clarify the nurse practitioners will not replace the doctor but will work closely with them, Whether, the nurse decides to enhance further their career by becoming a doctor the U.S government should offer them scholarships and grants to them to minimize the high cost of tuition.