Submit a 2-3 page paper answering all four questions below. Answers are expected to be a least one paragraph (if not greater in length). It is also expected that you conduct research outside of the textbook. Your paper should not be full of direct quotes. Please use your own words and/or paraphrase and provide a supporting citation.

This assignment is worth 100 points.

  1. What is deterrence? Explain the types of deterrence.
  2. Discuss the differences and similarities between colonial jails/prisons and those in Europe.
  3. What was the significance of the Enlightenment on correctional thinking?
  4. What is the medical model and what role did it play in the development of American prisons?

The paper will be typed double spaced in Arial using 12-point font with 1” margins in APA format. Save your paper as a .doc with your name and the assignment name in the file, using Last Name_Assignment. So, if your name were Alicia Jackson, and this is Essay 1, you would title it Jackson_Paper 1.