ASSESSMENT 2: Project 2Student Instructions
For this assessment task, you will need to introduce and promote innovative practices in your practice environment or target organisation.This project requires you to compile work samples as evidence of your role (As Manager) in the following:· Planning the introduction of innovative thinking and practices in the target organisation, including:· identifying and accessing adequate resources for innovation to occur· establishing organisational mechanisms, systems and processes to support innovation· initiating and fostering communication, consultation and engagement with key stakeholders, as necessary.· Supporting the introduction of new practices by:· using team development approaches to build skills that support innovation· using a range of techniques and tools to generate new ideas and thinking· devising and implementing mechanisms to promote knowledge transfer· establishing ways to capture, communicate and share innovative ideas and practices· promoting innovative practices, processes, products or services appropriate for organisational requirements.· Leading innovative practices in the target organisation by:· introducing and promoting creative thinking techniques to foster personal and team innovation· fostering a workplace culture that encourages innovation· developing and using processes to monitor individual and collective contributions to innovative thinking and practice.· Sustaining innovative thinking and practice in the target organisation by:· managing risks associated with innovation· using change management strategies to overcome organisational barriers and capability gaps.· Reflection on or explain the following:· relationships between theory and thinking on innovation and creativity and the reality of your experience introducing innovative practices in the target organisation· the effectiveness and impact of risk assessment and management strategies in the context of innovation· processes for promoting innovative thinking and practices in an organisational context· the effectiveness of your own leadership style and practices for modelling and supporting innovation.