For this assignment write a seven page (excluding title page and reference sheet) double-spaced book review and critique of the Senge text. Please be sure to summarize the main concepts (4 pages), outline the relevance of the text to modern business strategy (1 1/2 pages), and present a personal description as to how you will use the concepts in your career (last 1 1/2 pages). This is an individual assignment that shall be completed by each student.

You should use in-text APA citations. All other APA formatting guidelines should be followed (title page, headers, bibliography page, headers, page numbers, etc). Please make this deliverable look extraordinarily professional. Do not use your own styling techniques, triple spacing, before/after spacing, etc. Adhere to the guidelines from these instructions and the syllabus.

Your grade will be based on these criteria:

  • Summary of content
  • Analysis of relevance to modern business
  • Application to your career
  • Intellectual merit
  • Quality of writing
  • Use of APA and formatting