Task: For this assignment, you will need to critically analyze a cultural or social issue that matters to you.

  • Make the case for why this is a worthy issue and offer some solutions.
  • Relate your topic to some of your life experiences.
  • Support your ideas and arguments with at least 2 reliable sources (i.e. academic journal articles, books).

Assignment details:

  • 8-10 pages
  • MLA format; 1” margins, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt (APA is acceptable but please check with me first)
  • Word or RTF; I cannot open .pages
  • I use Turnitin and other plagiarism prevention tools. Make sure you cite properly!
  • Proper grammar, spelling, and syntax are a must!

Tools & Help:

  • Our wonderful embedded librarian, Deborah Stanfield will help you with your research. Reach her via email deborah.stanfield@mga.edu. She can meet with you in person or online. Don’t hesitate to call on her. See also this page for help on evaluating the credibility of your sources: Evaluating Sources.
  • The Student Success Center also has online tutoring appointments. You can also visit the Writing Centers in Macon or Cochran.


  • I chose to analyze a cultural or social issue.
  • My title is compelling. (i.e. it is not ‘Critical Thinking Paper’)
  • My introduction clearly states what my topic is and presents my thesis statement or research question.
  • My arguments are supported by research from reliable sources.
  • I use quotes to support my ideas. The quotes I use are not too long and there are not too many of them.
  • I do not simply report on my chosen topic, nor do I just give my opinion about it. I analyze evidence and interpret information and data.
  • My paper is organized, and my arguments move from one to the other with proper transitions.
  • I have a Works Cited page in MLA or APA format.
  • I have used Microsoft spellcheck and grammar check or Grammarly to minimize typos and grammar/spelling errors.
  • My paper respects the conventions of MLA or APA.
  • My paper respects the length requirement (8-10 pages).