Write a critical analysis post discussing the following questions in no less than 500 words.

1. What questions do you still have after reading chapter five of the textbook?

2. What does gender mean to you? How do you experience gender? What are the differences among gender identity, gender expression, and gender roles?

3. What do you think the Genderbread Person and/or the Gender Unicorn leaves out, in terms of how we experience our sexual identity? Are the separate labels it presents (gender identity, gender expression, biological sex, and sexual orientation) really all that separate? How are labels helpful and unhelpful in presenting who we are and in understanding other people’s experiences of their sexual identities? Think about the “transcension” piece with regards to these questions as well.

4. Was there anything new and surprising (or not) that you read on the Cisgender Privilege list?

5. What stories stood out to you from The T Word documentary?