Please use APA format.  Due by Friday, Jan 24

Week 1’s initial discussion 1B question is based on the assigned reading and the first article from the textbook by Goleman (as cited on HBR, 2011) read pages 1-6.  Use the YouTube video below to assist with your post. Post should be approximately 200 words long, and one reference.  

This discussion post 1B is your views about the chart labeled:  Idea in Practice on page 4.  Goleman (as cited in HBR, 2011) suggests that there are several managerial styles.  Choose one and state why you have done so.  Support your reasoning with an article by providing an example or explain how you have used a managerial style that is referenced or have worked with a company or a manager who has utilized a particular managerial style.   This is to be an in-depth answer with APA formatting. 

Harvard Business Review. (2011). HBR’s 10 must reads on managing people: Leadership that gets results.    

            Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Publishing.