Complete the following statements in an essay of at least 500 words:

My strengths as a team member would include (e.g., previous experience on teams, construction, problem solving skills, etc.):

My weaknesses on an engineering project team might include (e.g., no previous team experience, preference to work alone, etc.): 

information about me might help: ( use the information to write the essay and add some example and details. )

I  am a Civil Engineering student. 

my strengths: problem solving skills – able to multitask – team experience in projects related to AutoCad, construction equipment management, engineering programing, and surveying – ability to use software – organized person – i like surveying and structure – 

my weaknesses:  Fear of public speaking, I am an introverted person however, I am meeting a psychologist to overcome my weaknesses – sometimes I have difficulty explaining things clearly such as problem solutions, ideas – i don’t have the ability to work on environmental problems