My topic is on Major League Football American the NFL (Not Eurpeopna Football)

the professional sport league you choose should mandate competition rules, as well as the behavior expected of its members and athletes. This assignment pertains to professional sport leagues, and as such, the players and teams within the league of your choosing should be paid to play. Consider international leagues or leagues for obscure/lesser-known sports.

In a presentation of 10-12 PowerPoint slides, not including cover and reference slides, analyze how your league functions, how the teams within that league interact with one another, and how that constructive collaboration benefits the league. Include speaker notes for each slide of your presentation.

Your presentation should include the following:

  1. An explanation of how the league is organized, and the hierarchy of teams within it
  2. History of the league
  3. How the salary structure works and the salary cap for players
  4. Labor-management relations
  5. How media and broadcasting rights affect the teams
  6. How league-think works within the league
  7. Revenue sharing
  8. Draft rules
  9. How collective bargaining agreements represent players, owners, and agents
  10. How the league achieves competitive balance

Cite at least three external resources to support your research.