Homework Assignment #1

MSIS 3333

Draw the entities and relationships suggested by each word problem. Include the proper foreign key(s). Remember to make a copy for yourself.

1. Dogs may, or may not, have an owner but dogs never have more than one owner. An owner may own many dogs or no dogs at all. Dogs have a DogID, Dogname and DogBreed. Owners have an OwnerID, OwnerName and OwnerAddress.

2. A student may earn up to one scholarship though not every student earns a scholarship. Every scholarship is only goes to a single student. Students have a StudentID, Name and GPA. Scholarships all have a unique name, an endowment and a reward duration (Spring 2018, Fall 2019, etc).

3. An NFL player has a unique NFLID, a name, a position and a salary. Each player plays for one team. An NFL team has multiple players. Each team has a unique name, a home city, a salary cap and an owner.

4. A driver may have a traffic ticket, have no tickets or have many tickets. Each ticket has a CitationID, a date, a location and a description. Drivers have a Driver’s License ID (DLID), name and address that is composed of street, city, state and zip code. A ticket is issued to only one driver and all tickets are associated with a driver.

5. Employees (EmpID, Name, HourlyRate) work in only one of our several warehouses. Each warehouse has several employees and always at least 5 employees. Each warehouse is also managed by one employee. Each warehouse has a unique lot number (LOTNUM), size in square feet, and may or may not have the capacity to store frozen items.