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· You have been hired to lead a complex, two-year project (the project of your choice). As the Project Manager, you know it is important get the project off to a good start. Using the tools provided in the required readings, provide a quick summary of your project, including the scope and at least three goals and objectives of your project.

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Project Scope

The project scope is the first element in the development of the project plan. It communicates what need to be accomplished, the steps that are require to complete the project, when the project will be completed, the resources required to complete the project, and any constraints or project risks that may impact the project. Below is a general outline of the project objectives and a few of the project goals and deliverables (Erik W. Larson, 2018).

Project Objectives

A healthcare organization, through extensive research regarding communications and collaboration, has decided that a corporate intranet will improve communications within the organization. The project has a timeline for completion of no later than twenty four (24) months at a cost of $10,000.

Project Deliverables or Goals

To provides an Intranet based upon the objectives, the following deliverables are required:

· A Microsoft SharePoint site that is dedicated for internal corporate use.

· A SharePoint site secured from external access.

· Provide the design of an Intranet site that is approved by executive management.

· The creation of a company news app within the intranet.

· The creation of an human resources employee onboarding app within the intranet that includes workflow automation and security.

· Provide decision support data such as daily reveunue, and number of clients (viewable by executive management) secured by role-based access control.


Erik W. Larson, C. F. (2018). Project Management – the managerial Process (Seventh Edition ed.). McGraw Hill Education.

DP’s post states the following:Top of Form

For this week’s discussion, I have been chosen to lead Think Tank project to bring Company X front-line employees to the corporate table for immediate feedback on company opportunities / obstacles with sales processes, customer interaction, and marketing techniques. This will empower top level leadership to make more informed decisions on company changes.

This will be a test pilot 2 yr program for a possible future continued program. Budget will be 1 Million for project total. 

Project Objectives:

· Bring quality feedback to top level leadership directly from the front line.

· Increase front line employee engagement and satisfaction.

· Close the communication gap from front line employees to the executive level.

Project Deliverables:

· Select filtered and qualified front line candidates for the focus groups.

· Match selected candidates with executive level representation for sections of the business within the program.

· Allow for all interested front line employees to have the opportunity to apply for the program. (100 Selected Candidates)

· Organize focus group events:

. Location

. Travel 

. Lodging 

. Vehicle Rental

. Food

. Entertainment

· Keep record of focus group feedback for executive review and value analysis.

· Enroll selected and committed candidates in digital surveys for ongoing feedback.

· Stay within budget and time-line. 


· Develop company wide application digital survey with questionnaire.

· Send to all front line employees via secure email. (60 day response window.)

· Assemble a review team to assess the quality of survey questions and review which applicants will be selected. (30 Days)

· Contact selected candidates and get commitment for upcoming focus group.

· Plan for 3 day focus group event. (60 Days)

· Prepare and sign Non-Disclosure Agreements. (30 Days)

· Focus Groups (3 day focus group with 2 days travel time.)

· Consistent feedback for top level inquiry via digital surveys. (Remainder of the two year Think Tank project.)

· Assess feedback value and engagement for on sight and digital focus groups.

Technical Requirements:

· All application review approvals must be selected by two of the review team.

· Digital surveys and applications must be done via secure email and company intranet.

· Feedback records must be only accessible via the think tank project team or channel executives. 

Project Constraints:

· Economy class vehicle rentals only.

· Flights booked coach only.

· Marriott Hotel / Single bed rooms only.

· Personal vehicle reimbursement not eligible.

· NDA’s must be signed before travel.

· Booked entertainment must be HR work compliant.

· Payable work hours cannot exceed 8hrs per day.

· Work hours must conclude no later than 6pm.

· Travel time is paid work hours.

Project Review: 

Estimated feedback decision value will be stacked against program cost to determine the overall value of the program and review if the program should be repeated. Participant satisfactions surveys will be requested and reviewed, as well as the participation rate for selected candidates with digital surveys over the 2yr period.